The Madivin team

Thomas Gautier, Fondateur Madivin



He loves wine, and especially the good times that a bottle brings with it. He was not born in the vineyards and it took him a while to get used to the stories of flint and hawthorn aromas… He became interested in this fascinating world after many years in Marketing and Sales. What overwhelms him is the meeting with the winemakers, the passion they exude. That’s what he wants to share.

Kelly, specialiste du vin chez Madivin



Great American sommeliers in France, it does not run in the streets. We have one! He is the one who selects the wines. He was born in the United States and first traveled the world as a… model! 20 years ago, he fell in love with France and our wines, trained in oenology and started to travel through our wine regions. He is the former Head Sommelier of Alain Ducasse and Christian Etienne in Paris, Las Vegas and Monaco. We are very proud to have this lover of life with us.

Cyril et Benjamin, spécialistes du vin bio chez Madivin

Cyril & Benjamin


It is with them that we bottle and store our wines. They are both oenologists, which is very useful because the job of the bottler is one of precision and technique. You can’t add much to a wine during the bottling process, but you can damn well take away from it. Which we avoid doing, of course.

Livraison vins bio Madivin


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Madivin, engagé avec les vignerons, vins bio


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Madivin, vins labellisés bio


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