Madivin’s commitments

What is collaborative wine?

With each winemaker, we have imagined a wine together, in collaboration. In the domain of our winemaker, we create a unique wine, together. We intervene essentially on the assembly of the wine, that is to say on the choice of the type of vines which composes it (except of course for our wines in mono type of vine). We also intervene on the selected maturation. For example, a large part of our “James” cuvée is aged in ovoid tanks for 3 years.

What we don’t do? We never blend wines from different domains, unlike traditional wine merchants. What you have in a bottle comes from only one domain.


Cyril et Benjamin, spécialistes du vin bio chez Madivin
Madivin, vins labellisés bio

Good and Organic

We want to offer you beautiful wines, with character and good value for money… To delight you with our wines – whether you know nothing about them or not – is what makes us happy. It is our requirement.

All our wines are certified organic, it’s a conviction for us: our planet needs a helping hand to get a little better, and we think that the winemakers who have chosen to commit themselves to this deserve to be supported. This does not mean that conventional wine is less good, or that organic is better. We all have plenty of examples and counter-examples. The organic label is not perfect, but it is already a very good step forward.

Engaged with our winemakers

We buy from our winemaker the wine that we have made together. We buy it in bulk, that is to say in “vats” that we will then bottle ourselves. To define the price of a hectoliter, the appellation syndicates publish each month the price of an appellation. It is like wheat, gold or oil. Wine has a price that corresponds to its demand on the market.

We do not buy our wines at this price, we find a fair price with the winemaker. It is an anchor for us. His fair remuneration is also a way of valuing his profession.

Madivin, engagé avec les vignerons, vins bio