Madivin – Behind each of our wines, there is someone 🍷 🍇

December 20, 2021 HERVE TROCCAZ
Madivin, a Lyon-based brand, creates organic cuvées in collaboration with passionate winemakers.
“Behind each of our wines there’s someone”… That’s the slogan of Madivin, a company that offers a special cuvée featuring several winemakers under the same brand name.
The concept is the brainchild of Thomas Gautier, formerly of Danone. The young man teamed up with his father and launched Madivin in February 2021. This brand is incubated at EM Lyon. Its vocation: to showcase winegrowers, in estates ranging from 10 to 250 ha. Bottles are priced from 10 to 12 euros.
Madivin: a special cuvée created in consultation with the estate owner
In short, it’s a special cuvée created in consultation with the estate owner, with bottles featuring a recognizable design: a photo of the winemaker accompanied by a few words. What’s more, you can scan a QR vcode to find out more about the history of the estate.
In short, the brand is superimposed on the estate. Eventually, Madivin will serve as a trusted label.
Madivin: 5 bottles and 90 points of sale
11 months after its creation, the brand has 90 points of sale and five wine creations. Over the next two years, Thomas Gautier aims to create ten wines.
The young man works with Kelly, former Head Sommelier at Alain Ducasse and Christian Etienne in Paris, Las Vegas and Monaco. He also works with two oenologists, Cyril and Benjamin.
Hervé Troccaz